Wondering What is Google AdWords?

Everything An Indian Entrepreneur Must Know

“What is Google AdWords?” Ask this question to 10 people in India and you’re sure to get 10 different answers each time. If you’ve already decided to bring your off-line business to the online world, Google AdWords is a concept that you must be aware of. In simple words, it is the advertisement by Google that you see at the top each time you search something on Google search engine. For instance, if you type “sponsor a child” in the search box of Google, it’ll throw up the following results.

Wondering What is Google AdWords

In the image above, note the results that have been encircled in red. These are Google Ads. So the question is: How does Google AdWords recognize and display your business to the right customers? Simply put, it all depends on the keywords that are chosen by your business. So, it is vital that you hire a Google AdWords company that is experienced in running such advertisement campaigns. The best and the fool-proof choice is opting for an AdWords Certified Partner. This is precisely what, we at Rambina Infotech, bring you through our expert Saurabh Sharma who is Google AdWords certified. To view his credentials click here.

So, What is Google AdWords? What do Indian Businessmen Need to Know about it?

You must have guessed by now that Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google. It is aimed at businesses like yours that aim to display their ads on Google. The great thing about such ad campaigns is that you can set your own budget and you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your online advertisement. This is called pay per click or PPC. So, you’re not merely paying for displaying your business but only paying when someone clicks on the advertisement.

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    Ensuring that your advertisements are displayed only to relevant customers is another story altogether. This is where the keywords, that we mentioned earlier, come into picture. Keywords are those words using which people normally search what they want. For instance, let’s consider that you run an Italian Restaurant in Janakpuri, Delhi. If a potential customer is looking to eat out in an Italian restaurant, he or she might type “Italian Restaurant in Janakpuri” or “Janakpuri Italian Restaurant” in Google. When they key in such words, your Italian restaurant ad is immediately featured on top of the search results by Google if you’ve opted for any of these keywords. Amazing, isn’t it? But there’s more.

    Google AdWords Budget And Success In The Indian Context

    The online business space in India is bustling with activity. There are hundreds of keywords through which your business can be found. What you need is the most effective keyword. This is found out through a process called “keyword research,” which PPC experts like Saurabh Sharma at Rambina Infotech excel in. We go through an exhaustive report containing keywords and search volumes that pertain to your business and only use the ones that matter to you. Being an Indian company helps here as we understand the sensitivities of Indian customers better.

    Such extensive research which contains negative keywords too, ensures that only relevant people end up clicking your ads and you get maximum return on investment (ROI). We work within the budgetary limitations of our clients and give them the best returns.

    Each of these keywords is bought through a bidding process. The amount charged to you by Google depends on the position of the ad display and also the number of bidders vying for the keyword. Rambina Infotech is highly experienced in getting you the max out of minimum PPC investment here. There are many Indian companies of all sizes that vouch for our efficacy in this realm. Through a combination of exact match keywords, keyword phrase match, negative match and broad match, your campaign is sure to be a winner with us.

    If you still have questions about Google AdWords,” feel free to get in touch with us directly at +919111156555 or fill in our contact box here at your convenience and we’ll get in touch with you. Just remember, you need quality PPC/Google AdWords service for online success of your business.

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