With an AdWords Certified Partner Your PPC will Never Miss Target

Indian Businesses Today Need an AdWords Certified Partner

So, you’ve decided to take your business to the next level through a PPC (pay per click) campaign. The first dilemma that faces you after this decision is whether to hire AdWords Certified Partner or not. Just about everyone out there in the cyberspace claims to possess expertise on PPC. Then, why insist on Google AdWords Certification? Here, we bring you a few reasons why you should choose an Indian partner who is AdWords Certified. Oh, and just so that you know, the founder of Rambina Infotech, Saurabh Sharma is AdWords certified. You can click here to verify the claim.

Indian AdWords Expert = Successful PPC Campaign for Indian Customers

Will you ever hire a tailor to cook food for you? Seems absurd, doesn’t it? It’s the same with PPC campaigns, especially if you’re thinking of running the campaign yourself. While running a PPC campaign can be done by anyone, running it “successfully” is an entirely different story altogether, which only an Indian AdWords Certified expert can assure you. The reason is simple, not only does the professional know the PPC world in and out, he also understands Indian consumer behavior better.

Google Partners are online marketing companies, trusted by Google,” and this is not a statement that we, at Rambina Infotech, are making. It’s Google’s own words! Understand that there are just about 5000 of such partners around the world and even fewer in India. The fact tells you that the whole process of getting certified is not a cakewalk. With a trusted partner like us by your side, your PPC campaigns can never go wrong.

An AdWords Certified Partner Brings You the Latest and Most Effective PPC Practices

Maintaining AdWords certification status is no joke. To stay certified, the professionals have to take two tests each year! Plus, these tests are designed to be tough by Google. Only a PPC professional who has been running campaigns successfully can crack these tests. For a businessman like you, this means you are assured of hiring a skilled PPC professional who knows all about the latest Google guidelines, best practices and tools. Mind you; Google is known to change the PPC campaign parameters constantly. Not being in the know of this can be disastrous for your campaign and heavy on your wallet.

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    Want Your Ad Budget Spent Well? Let Google AdWords Certification be the Criteria

    Google has kept businessmen like you in mind while designing Google AdWords Certification – literally! It’s not merely enough if a professional passes the two tests each year. To stay certified, one needs to maintain campaigns that spend a minimum of $10,000 over a three-month (90-day) period. The amount translates to over 3 lakhs each month. This condition completely eliminates the possibility of you ending up with an amateur professional for your PPC campaign. Also, think of it; which Indian businessman would trust a Google AdWords expert if he doesn’t consistently deliver results?

    Another vital advantage is that an Indian AdWords partner gets access to such tools that are still in testing and not yet open for everyone to use. This brings you a distinct advantage.

    In addition to all of the above, at Rambina Infotech, we have a policy of understanding the business of our client completely before even attempting to start a campaign. With our effort at seamless communication and our Google AdWords expertise, your PPC campaigns in India and beyond will always result in a resounding success.

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