Why Does My Business Need an SEO Consultant?

You might be a master of offline marketing techniques for your business, but marketing online is a whole new ballgame. While you easily grab your potential customer’s attention through newspaper ads and even word-of-mouth publicity, web is completely different. For the customer’s radar to notice your business, you first need to come above hundreds of other business that are out there in the cyberspace. To be precise, there are 644 million active websites out there. You need to be a marketing genius and a technical whiz at the same time to get your online presence noticed. That’s what a good search engine optimization or SEO consultant brings to the table.

Why Can’t I Perform the Tasks of an SEO Consultant?

The answer is, “you can” and a good search engine optimization consultant will even tell you how you can contribute. But your role is going to be limited. Remember, your efforts alone would not be effective enough. The internet is a vast sea and it’s easy for your business to get lost in it.

The consultant will take into consideration factors such as:

  • Your target audience: Whether it’s local online customers that you’re attracting or international, reaching the right demographics is vital. You don’t want to reach out to customers in New York, if your local repair business is located in Florida.
  • Customer engagement: The biggest challenge you’ll face online is keeping your customer on your website for longer periods. An SEO expert would use tried and tested methods.
  • Content format: It’s not merely enough if your website has great content. It must be formatted in a manner that’s SEO friendly so that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing index the content.
  • Keeping you away from search engine penalties: Search engines are very particular about how you present yourself online. What seems like a natural strategy to you can be viewed as an unethical practice by the search engine bots that index your website. Your search engine optimization consultant will guide you on the right path in this realm. Search engine penalties can get your website banned from search results or push you back to oblivion in search rankings.

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    Your Web Designer and SEO Expert aren’t the Same

    This is where most businesses go wrong. In the quest to find everything under one umbrella, you might be tempted to ask your web designer to also do your SEO. SEO goes beyond the aesthetics of your website and involves all those tasks that make your website stand out of the rest.

    Of course, there is no denying that consultants with a strong sense of aesthetics also design websites. If you’re able to find one, then you’ve hit a jackpot. Such SEO help can lay a strong foundation for your website where it is SEO friendly from the core.

    How Do I Know if I’m Hiring the Right Consultant for SEO?

    Ask a few basic questions about SEO to your potential consultant for SEO. The first one would be “Can you get my website to rank No. 1 on Google.” If the answer is “yes” steer clear from that SEO guy. Although it’s not impossible to rank No. 1, it’s not something an SEO person can guarantee, unless he is trying to get business out of you at all costs.

    Also, ask the consultant what techniques he intends to use and keep things transparent. Someone who is open to black-hat practices such as “link purchases” is best avoided. You need a consultant who follows the Webmaster’s guidelines so that your website remains safe at all times.

    Got more questions about choosing a consultant for your SEO? We’d love to answer your questions. Get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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