There’s No Such Thing as “Out of the Box” WordPress SEO

Of the many content management systems out there, WordPress is no doubt the most popular one. It is highly adaptable which makes it a favorite choice for most designers and of course, users love it owing to its simplicity and ease of use. You must know that almost a quarter of the 10 million most popular websites make use of this platform. So, if you’ve chosen WordPress, then you’ve made a great choice. However, if you are of the opinion that WordPress SEO is not something that you should worry about, then you’ve missed the mark by a mile. WordPress needs SEO (search engine optimization) efforts as much as any other platform. Here we burst a few common misconceptions about SEO for WordPress.

There Is No Such Thing As Pre-Designed WordPress SEO

It’s true that WordPress is SEO friendly. In that, there are numerous tools designed specifically for WordPress that make the SEO effort easy. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and there’s no such thing as search engine optimized CMS. The content such as articles, videos, banners, info-graphics, etc., will need to be optimized so that search engines can easily index them.

SEO Plug-ins Don’t Eliminate Need Of An SEO Consultant

You might have been informed that the SEO plug-ins eliminate the need for SEO consultants. Well, that’s far from reality. What these plug-ins do is make the effort of optimizing the content for search engines easy. There are two popular SEO plug-ins for WordPress and it’s likely that you’ve been suggested either one of these two: SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO Pack.

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    What you’re not usually told is that an SEO consultant will take a look at your “analytics” data objectively and device SEO strategy for WordPress accordingly. Reading the analytics in the right light is a skill that comes with experience. Also, there are other technical aspects such as:

    • Link analysis
    • Keyword analysis
    • Building link profile
    • Updating your website
    • Making the website mobile friendly
    • Localizing the content
    • Running SEO audits
    • Conforming to Google guidelines

    There are other SEO tasks too that need to be conducted periodically which your SEO consultant will handle effectively.

    Is WordPress Secure?

    The answer to this question is two-pronged. If you’ve chosen WordPress only because of its ease of use and affordability, then you need to consider a few things. WordPress brings you several free themes; however, most of these free themes are designed by a third-party and may contain spammy links. This can result in your website ranking taking a beating.

    Another problem is that most free goodies are not updated by developers, which means that they can simply turn incompatible over time. Some might not be mobile friendly and may not follow Google guidelines.

    To eliminate your worries, you need to hire an SEO consultant who will look through every detail mentioned above and also other factors such as load time. The SEO consultant will also take care of customization of the website. The bottom line is that you need to choose WordPress for the right reasons, so that you’re online reputation remains intact and your website serves its purpose.

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