SEO vs SEM: Which Way Should You Go?

If you are a businessman looking to go digital, you’ve surely come across “SEO” and “SEM.” While SEO stands for search engine optimization, SEM stands for search engine marketseo-2ing. Your SEO consultant is going to use these abbreviations a lot which might put you in a tizzy if you’re completely unaware what these are. Here we touch upon the two terms briefly so that you know what these are and why these are important for the online presence of your business. Once we give you a brief introduction of the concepts, we touch upon the debate – SEO vs SEM.

What is SEO in the SEO vs SEM Tug-of-War?

Search engine optimization is actually a part of SEM. SEO involves efforts that bring your webpage to rank higher in Google search results. With the ever-changing Google algorithms, SEO guidelines change constantly. SEO comprises of both on-page and off-page activities.

On-page SEO activities include optimizing text, images and videos with keywords; taking care of credibility through links, authorships, etc.; enabling social sharing and other such activities.

Off-page SEO activities include creating a great “link neighborhood” so that your website is never associated with any spam, getting high-quality backlinks, social bookmarking by creating accounts in various social media websites, and other similar activities.

Coming to Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a wider concept when compared to SEO. It includes activities such as running paid campaigns on social media like Facebook and Twitter. One of the major components of SEM is PPC or pay per click advertising on search engines like Google. Of course, SEO activities too come under SEM. Guess, you now know where the search engine marketing versus search engine marketing debate is heading, don’t you?

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    SEO or SEM – Which is More Effective?

    There are two lines of argument in the SEO versus SEM debate. Since most of the SEO work is organic and not paid, the results are slow. However, paid campaigns which come under SEM bring instant visibility. So, you might be fooled into believing that paid marketing is everything. However, you must understand that the in-depth literature, infographics, social engagement, and videos bring credibility to the business which is also vital. Also, SEO tends to cost less over the long run. The results of SEO last in search engines even when you are not running a campaign.

    We understand that we’ve not still answered your question as to which of the two is better – SEO or SEM. Let’s touch upon this subject next.

    There’s No Winner in the SEO versus SEM Race

    Paid campaigns and organic SEO must go hand in hand if your business has to get noticed online, and most importantly see visible results in the form of revenue. A good SEO consultant will give you a roadmap to spend wisely on both these options such that you see a positive outcome.

    We hope that the above article has been of some help to you. If you have further questions, feel free to shoot us an email or simply call us; we’d love to answer your questions.

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