An Insight Into Google AdWords Management

There is no telling exactly how to go about Google AdWords management because each campaign is unique as is your business in India. Rambina Infotech’s Google certified expert, Saurabh Sharma, zeroes down on some of the aspects that you just cannot afford to ignore. Following are his suggestions that stem from extensive hands-on AdWords management experience.

Monthly AdWords Management

AdWords are constantly on the change. While some of the changes are drummed up by Google so that the word reaches everyone, others are more subtle and might not reach you. You need to actually log in to your account and be susceptible to those little tweaks that Google continuously makes. Of course, recognizing such changes is also a matter of PPC management experience. These changes can have a huge impact on your campaign aimed at reaching the right Indian consumers.

Tracking Conversion is Part of Managing Google AdWords

We have found that entrepreneurs in India are often gung-ho about running their own AdWords and PPC campaigns but they fail miserably when it comes to tracking their campaigns effectively. They never realize the amount of money that’s going down the drain this way. Google has several tools to make this possible such as Conversion Import and Calls as Conversion. These should be part of your monthly management of Google AdWords.

Good Management of AdWords = Better Ad Rank

Google has a Quality Score which ranks the quality and relevance of your PPC campaign so that you and your potential customers find each other only when it matters. A great Quality Score results in your ads ranking higher and being more visible. Also, ad extensions are released on regular basis. So, you need to ensure that the ones that are relevant to your business are incorporated immediately so that your ad ranks higher. This factor holds true, no matter which part of India you’re targeting.

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    Monthly Text Cleanup of Your Google Ads

    You’re surely going to run several Google AdWords campaigns simultaneously. Some of these are going to be just test campaigns to check efficiency of your PPC campaign and some of the ads will need to be brought down eventually. Most of the time, this is just text cleanup. You must do your math effectively to understand which of the Ads are generating good click through rates and which are not. It’s all a part of your Google AdWords management.

    Most Vital Part of Managing AdWords– Keyword Cleanup

    There’s no point garnering keywords, especially when some of them are underperforming. Potential consumers may be looking for your products for various reasons during different times. For instance, while a man may be looking for an aftershave online in March, a woman might be looking for the same during New Year as a gift for her partner. Now think of their search queries that lead them to the aftershave and that is your keyword. So think from the “searcher’s” perspective rather than concentrating on keywords alone. Let this also be a part of your monthly Google AdWords maintenance exercise.

    Of course, there are several other factors such as duplicate keywords, bid cleanup, negative keywords, etc., that you must constantly look at. If the entire AdWords management is too much for you as a busy businessman, leave it to the experts like us at Rambina Infotech.

    We would be more than happy to carry on from where you left your campaign. You can call us at +919111156555 or fill in a few details in our contact box here.

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