AdSense Vs AdWords Difference That An Indian Entrepreneur Should Know

There is a primary distinction between AdSense Vs AdWords, especially in the Indian context but first let’s explore the general difference. AdWords is targeted towards advertisers on Google Search. On the other hand, AdSense is targeted towards online publishers or website owners where they get revenue for displaying ads by Google on their website.

While the advertisers pay to feature their ads on relevant search results through keywords on Google search, website owners get paid by Google through AdSense when a user clicks on the displayed ads.

The above two are the primary distinguishers if you want to know the difference between AdSense and AdWords. However, there is more to them which we’ll explain below.

AdSense and AdWords – How can an Indian Businessmen Leverage these?

For AdWords, of course, you’ll have to do a keyword analysis yourself. Or, if you expect value for your money, hire a Google certified expert like Saurabh Sharma here at Rambina Infotech. These keywords are essentially the user search queries that prompt Google whether to display your ad or not. The greatest advantage of AdWords is you are assured that only the potential customers will click on your ads. The display of your advertisements too is very frequent. The reason for this is obvious; Google is one site that is frequented by online users most.

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    AdSense on the other hand is fairly different. Here, the ads are shown through the “display network” which comprises of those publishers that agree to host advertisements through Google. There is no set parameter for a website to showcase your ads. Anyone can simply create a website and sign up for AdSense. The efficacy of your ads on these sites entirely depends on the ranking on that website. Thus, you have a lesser degree of control over the ad display itself. Google takes enough care to display your ads basing it on the topic that the ad-hosting website explores.

    Your Control – AdSense Vs AdWords

    You have a greater degree of control over the ads displayed on AdWords, while it is not the same with AdSense. Of course, you pay only when someone clicks on your ads in both the cases. If you’re thinking of featuring on particular websites with AdSense, well, that’s not your choice. Google decides that.

    Making Money through AdSense

    Most Indian website owners feel that all it takes is a website and signing up for AdSense to rake in the money, but reality is far from it. Your website will only attract ad clicks if your website sees huge traffic and this is impossible without incorporating SEO techniques. You will also need to prompt Google constantly about the relevance of the ads displayed on your website, as sometimes the brands displayed are completely off the topic of your website. For instance, if you run a website on Indian recipes, you might want to feature women’s fashion as it is mostly women who look for such topics over the internet. Conversely, if Google is displaying an ad that features, men’s deodorants, you will need to prompt Google about the same.

    It takes a huge amount of experience to gauge relevance of keywords and display ads when it comes to both AdSense and AdWords. You’re always better off with seasoned online marketers like those we have at Rambina Infotech if your efforts are to bear tangible results.

    If you have more questions about AdSense or AdWords, you’re most welcome to have a word with us. Simply call us at +919111156555 or write to us online by clicking here.

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