The first thing to know is the difference between cost effective SEO (search engine optimization) and insanely cheap SEO. Always calculate the amount you’re spending on SEO to the return on investment or ROI. If you’re looking for an exact amount, you’ll not find it anywhere. It’s like going to home builder and asking him how much a house would cost. He would immediately tell you that the price would depend on several factors such as the size, amenities, etc. It’s the same with SEO too.

Cost Effective SEO

For Cost Effective SEO, You Need A Reliable SEO Consultant

Let’s go back to the analogy of constructing a house. If you’ve already known the builder or have seen the previous work done by that builder, wouldn’t you be more confident about his work? You’d be assured that you’d be getting your money’s worth. It’s the same with SEO. You need to hire an SEO consultant who has a proven track record – of course, he needs to be within your budget. But how do you decide on a budget. Well, there are a few factors that you must take into consideration.

Cost Vs Market Competition

If you need to reach a global audience for a product that’s already being sold by others, you better be ready with a huge budget. The reason is simple, you need to compete with huge online competition with your SEO efforts. You’ll need to be promoted on several online fronts.

Location Of  Your Target Audience

This is another vital factor. If your online business needs to be optimized for local searches within a short radius of about 50 miles, the prices may be much lower. Even the search engines prefer showing local businesses during local searches.

Time And Cost Of SEO Are Closely Related

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. However, not everyone needs SEO of this proportion. For instance, you might be the owner of a boutique who wants to feature in the top search results during the prom season. In such an instance, the campaign would be for a short period but very extensive. Of course, the cost would be comparatively lesser than hiring SEO services year round. Of course, the cost effectiveness of SEO must reflect in revenues.

Cost Effectiveness Of SEO And Firm Size

This is a very important aspect that most people looking for cost effectiveness in SEO services fail to take into consideration. Bigger is not always better. What you need to consider is your necessity. If you need to run a pay per click (PPC) campaign on Google, you don’t want to hire a New York digital agency that charges a bomb. A larger firm will invariably charge you more for the same work that a smaller firm will do for less. This is your biggest lesson.

The Final Word

Gauge your necessity before hiring an SEO consultant or a firm. Decide whether you need to hire someone for project-wise hire. To be certain, you can always hire an SEO expert to conduct an SEO audit for a few hundred dollars and only touch upon those aspects of SEO that need attention.

If you are a business that’s on a tight budget and is looking for affordable SEO, you can always get in touch with us. You’ll be glad you took the decision.