Google AdWords Remarketing

Let’s suppose that your website sells Indian ethnic wear. A potential customer visits your website, browses your products and leaves without making a purchase. Wouldn’t you want that customer to view your products when he or she looks for Indian ethnic wear again? Just think of it, the first visit to your website might have been for looking at various products. The customer might have come back to make a purchase this time around and it’s vital that you are highly visible at this point. This is what Google AdWords Remarketing brings you – the display of your ad to people who have already shown interest in what you sell.

The Different Google AdWords Remarketing Strategies

Google has intelligently combined Google Display Networks with AdWords Remarketing. This means your ads will be featured before past visitors to your website even if they are visiting another website. Of course, that website would have to be a part of the Google Display Network. The great thing about Google Display Network is that it has a huge number of affiliates. Leveraging this power, your Remarketing campaign could make use of the following options:


Standard Google Remarketing

Here, the past visitors would be show ads on apps and websites that are a part of the Display Network.

Dynamic AdWords Remarketing

This is a highly efficient strategy. Here Google uses the content of your website to determine whether to display your ads or not. Taking the above example further, if the past visitor is again searching for Indian ethnic wear, Google will look for similar content in your website and only if there is a match, it will display your ad. Thus, Dynamic Remarketing will only target repeat visitors when the search query matches your business.

Remarketing For Mobile Apps

Your ad is shown to people who have used your app or mobile website before. This is done even if they are using a different app or mobile website.

Adwords Remarketing

AdWords Remarketing Lists For Search Ads

Here, Google targets searches that are in follow up to the original search. For instance, after Indian ethnic top, the searcher might want a matching shoe, and if you’re selling the product, Google will ensure you’re product is displayed.

Google AdWords Video Remarketing

Videos can be highly engaging. Here, Google targets people who have already browsed your YouTube channel or interacted with your videos. The ads are displayed when they browse the Display Network, apps or websites.

Digital Remarketing In The Indian Scenario – Getting It Right

With so many options before you, choosing the right strategy can be an uphill task, something which we, at Rambina Infotech, can help you with. We take the time to analyse your business and understand it. We take into consideration your budgetary constraints and devise an optimum Google Ad Remarketing campaign that suits you best. Our Google certified expert, Saurabh Sharma, will be with you throughout, guiding you and ensuring that your ads are on the right course.

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